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North West Hutton platform removal project

PB involvement

  • Thor Sterker as advisor on waste management and subcontract manager for the subsea cutting tools.


Brief description

NW Hutton was the first major oil platform removed on the UK sector in the North Sea. Operator BP (UK) contracted the removal to HMC in 2006. The 22,000 ton topsides were removed in 2008, 9,000 tons of the jacket was removed 2009 (footings remained in place).

The project included many novelties amongst which that it was the first time for HMC to have the role of Main Contractor for a project of this size.

Fundamentally, the project was run according the Project Execution Plan in combination with the Management of Change procedure. The dynamics between the client, HMC and subcontractors, neither of whom had experience in similar projects, were challenging.

For the topsides removal, the 18 months engineering preparations entailed 262,000 manhours (175 man years), the development of specific subsea cutting tools with wet trials, adjustments to the SSCV Hermod, preparations of 160 containers with hook down equipment and outfitting of 6 cargo barges for transportation. And more…

After the topsides were removed, a significant improvement in removal methodology for the jacket was engineered in record time and the transportation/load-in methods adjusted accordingly. Two major subsea subcontractors were changed-out after disappointing 2008 performance and extensive cutting tool/ROV trials were conducted in Rotterdam.

The top part of the jacket was removed down to the top of the footings at el. -100m in the summer of 2009. Again no LTI’s on 248,000 manhours spent offshore.

Detailed presentations on the topsides and jacket campaigns are available upon request. Email Thor Sterker at tst@platformbrokers.com


Platform details

Production platform

Location :
North West Hutton, United Kingdom

Topsides weight :
22,000 mT

Jacket :
9,000 mT

Waterdepth :
148 m

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