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North Sea Range (NSR) platform removal project

PB involvement

We acted as project managers on behalf of British Aerospace for the removal of the six NSR platforms. Our scope entailed:

  • pre-qualification of contractors
  • preparation of ITT, evaluation and contract award
  • contract supervision

Brief description

In the 80´s BAE Systems installed six North Sea Range (NSR) Platforms, to monitor the combat training movements of jet fighters. It consisted of one  600 Ton central Master Tower Platform (MT) and five 300 Ton Remote Tower Platforms. The platforms were spaced in a circle with a radius of 15 NM from the Master Tower Platform in Block 49 of the UKCS.

The platforms became redundant in 2005 and BAE Systems hired Platform Brokers to act as their project managers for the removal, dismantling and disposal of the North Sea Range Platforms.

In February / March 2005, Heavy Lift contractors were pre-qualified and ITT documents issued. In the two following months tenders were evaluated, negotiated, followed by award of contracts for offshore removal and onshore dismantling & disposal. Early June 2005 the works offshore commenced and these were completed by September 2005. The last component was dismantled and recycled by year end.

Seaway Heavy Lifting was contracted , utilizing the 2,500 ton crane vessel Stanislav Yudin. The offshore removal works were executed in three separate mobilizations, with the Yudin returning to port with two complete structures on board at the end of each trip.

The dismantling contractor was Prosser’s in Middleborough. Some materials (350T) were re-used (e.g. the temporary shelters on the towers), most materials (2075T) were recycled (e.g. steel) and 65T material was disposed in accordance with the regulations (e.g. marine growth).

The Lump Sum contract was completed ahead of schedule, within budget (no Variation Orders) and fully in compliance with the applicable  rules and regulations.

No harm was caused to the environment or the people involved in the project. Fully detailed environmental waste accounting was submitted to and approved by the local authorities justifying the re-use, re-cycle or disposal of every kilo of material. The seabed was left in a clean state.

The major challenges were the fast track project schedule, the extremely hard clay at several locations and damage to the Master Tower Platform due to previous boat impact.



Platform details

Central Master Tower Platform (MT) and five Remote Tower Platforms

Location :
North Sea, United Kingdom

Master Tower platform weight :
600 mT

Remote Tower platform weight :
300 mT

Waterdepth :
30 m

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