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Jasmine decommissioning study

The study was performed in 2010 and is a good example of how we work.

What the Client requested was a decommissioning cost estimate for the well P&A, clean up and removal of six platforms, disconnection and cleaning of the FPSO and cleaning of the subsea pipelines. As no study had been done before, we started at the beginning:

Step 1 – interview 6-10 specialists from the Client

Step 2 – gather required data in Clients office

Step 3 – inspect the platforms and FPSO offshore (3 days)

Step 4 – establish base case P&A, cleaning & removal methodology

Step 5 – list required resources

Step 6 – prepare overall schedule for total decommissioning project

Step 7 – gather local cost data for manhours, equipment and offshore spread

Step 8 – prepare base case budget

Step 9 – prepare draft report

Step 10 - prepare attachments to support decisions made in schedule and cost estimate

Step 11 – fine tune schedule and cost estimate according new information gathered

Step 12 – discuss draft report with Client and adjust accordingly

The study was performed in approximately 10 weeks, in Thailand and Netherlands.


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