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F3-FA platform reuse

May 2019 - Spirit Energy has appointed us as their broker to market and auction the F3 FA platform. Read more »



F3-FA status?

For more information, contact Thor Sterker at tst@platformbrokers.com



In-house Decommissioning Workshop for Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), Washington on 19, 20 and 21th of November 2019.

For more information, please call Petroedge at +65 67419927. 



For sale by auction on 14th January 2020: Deep Water Drilling Vessel Sertão

Please find our brochure here.

For more information, please call Thor Sterker.

More information can be found here.



Due Dilligence

June 2014 - We have performed a due dilligence on decommissioning liabilities for an undisclosed client.

The deliverables were a report and a workshop with senior management.



For Sale: 3400 m new 127 mm R3 chain, 9 mooring piles and associated equipment

Nov 2013 - On behalf of Owners,  PBconsultants/PlatformBrokers are, on an exclusive basis, mandated with the sale of un-used surplus mooring chains and mooring piles ex FPSO OSX 2 as listed below.

All equipment is new, un-used and comes with current certificates. The equipment is ready for re-deployment and is currently located in Rio de Janeiro.

Price indicated in the attached document are new value and we are ready to discuss interesting proposals.

We look forward to hear if this mooring equipment is of any interest to you

Please contact Thor Sterker, M +31 653 399 658



Peer review in New Zealand

Feb 2014 - We have participated in a 4 day workshop to establish safe and cost effective decommissioning methods in New Zealand.



Study in Thailand

Dec 2013 - We have finished an extensive decommissioning study and cost estiamte for well P&A, well head platforms, Central Processing platforms and pipelines, including detailed cost estimates.




Nov 2013 - We have organsed several decommissioning workshopd like  a three day decommissioning workshop 25-27 November in  Singapore, in co-operation with UNI. Also a 2 day workshop in Amsterdam with Fleming Europe.



Jacket piece-small removal study

Oct 2013 - We are representing our Client in the execution of a jacket piece small removal methodology. The method is based on using unmanned excavators with hydraulic shears, cutting the jacket into pieces smaller than 10 ton each.



Platform visit

May 2013 - We have executed an offshore survey on a North Sea platform to advise the operator on decommissioning issues.



Decommissioning study in Canada

March 2013 - We have started with a decommissioning study in Canada to establish safe and cost effective removal methods for several platforms, including workshops.



Decommissioning study in India

Feb 2013 - We have started with a decommissioning study to establish safe and cost effective methods for the removal of a platform in India, including well P&A technologies, investigation of local regulations,pipeline removal and seabed clean-up, schedules and cost estimates.



Strategy Workshop

Dec 2012 - We have facilitiated a strategy workshop for an oil company in Aberdeen. PBC led a 16 person group through a strategy process resulting in a set of conclusions and recommendations.

The workshop created awareness of the implications of a decommissioning portfolio, the importance of accurate cost estimates and the perceived shortage of experienced resources in the nearby future, internally and externally.



Cutting study

Sep  2012 - We are performing a study for grout plug removal and pile cutting for a monotower in Bohai Bay, China.

Challenge is to remove a 1 m thick grout plug from three 72" foundation piles, to provide access for an internal cutting tool.

Waterdepth is 25 m with very bad visability.



Conference in KL

March 2012 - We will be speaking on the 'Offshore Decommissioning Asia 'conference, 18-21 June in Kuala Lumpur. Our subject is 'Ensuring Accuracy in the Cost Estimation of the Decommissioning Process'

Please contact Thor Sterker for more information.



Re-use workshop

Feb 2012 - We organized a workshop during the 12th NPF decommissioning conference in Bergen, Norway. 30 attendees discussed the various subjects and the outcome was, fortunately, very clear:

  • Yes, re-use of equipment can be done and will have significant value;
  • Yes, the needed information is present with the operator;
  • Yes, the infrastructure for re-use is available in the industry.

Wat is needed, however, is a clear re-use target from within the oil companies. As all projects are achieving their 98% recycling target, the next step is to set a re-use target. A 15% target was discussed and found realistic.



Jacket removal study

Jan 2012 - We have been awarded a jacket removal study for three Californian platforms. The removal method is based on cut into pieces by HLV and includes a detailed evaluation of the various subsea cutting tools.




Nov 2011 - We are providing a superintendent for the removal of two platforms offshore Malaysia.



Weather downtime analysis

Oct 2011- We are performing a detailed weather downtime analysis for the removal of platforms offshore California, in co-operation with Orca Offshore.



Removal Study

Sep 2011- We have received a contract for a removal study of three major platforms in the USA. The study specifically includes a detailed manhour estimate for platform preparations, removal by HLV and transportation on cargo barges.



Cost study

Aug 2011 - we have been awarded a cost study for the removal of several of the major UK oil platforms.



Re-use study

June 2011- We are performing a study for platform re-use in the North Sea, for an undisclosed client.



Company Representative

5 April 2011 - In the coming months, we are providing a Company Representative onboard the heavy lift vessel 'Stanislav Yudin' during the removal of 6 platforms in the Inde field.



Jasmine decommissioning study

7 March 2011 - The study was recently performed and is a good example of how we work. It was done in approximately 10 weeks in Thailand and the Netherlands.

The case study can be found on our projects page.



Contract Workshop in Bergen

Feb 2011 - On the 11th NPF Decommissioning conference, we will organise a workshop on Tuesday evening. We will discuss four contracting issues in platform removal:

1. Splitting topsides/jacket in separate contracts
2.Cost effective division for offshore logistics
3.GBS topsides removal: onshore or offshore
4.Optimizing the supply chain

More workshops

Nov 2010 -In the coming months,we are organizing various in-house workshops for oilcompanies on subjects like:

  • decommissioning strategy
  • waste management
  • topsides cleaning and hookdown
  • contract strategy



New contract

2 Aug 2010 - PB has signed a contract for a decommissioning and re-use study for the Jasmin field in Thailand. The work will be performed in Sep/Oct/Nov 2010.



New contract

7 June 2010 - PB has signed a contract with Marathon Oil U.K., Ltd to facilitate a decommissioning workshop.



200 ton winches for sale

28 April 2010 - PlatformBrokers are actively sourcing clients for 10 no's 200 ton winches.

The mooring winch consists of two drums located beside each other. Both drums are equipped with an individual support frame, a fail-safe band brake,

a gearwheel, a pinion and a clutch. Both drums can be clutched to the main drive individually but they are not allowed to be clutched both at the same time. The main drive consists of an electric motor and a parallel gearbox.



FPSO ORCA Inspection

14 April 2010 - PlatformBrokers, through its associated company Okeanos have been mandated by Petro SA to perform a condition review and appraisal of FPSO ORCA with the intention to develop options for future applications of the FPSO.
FPSO ORCA is a spread moored semisubmersible with a production capacity of 25,000 bopd and 15MMSCFpd, operational in South Africa since 1997. The rig was originally built as a drilling rig in 1970 and is of triangular design.



PB organises decom workshop in Kuala Lumpur

6 April 2010 - In co-operation with MOGSC, Thor Sterker will organise a 2 day workshop on platform decommissioning. Other contributors will be Heerema (platform removal), OSMCS (subsea cutting technologies) and NCA (well abandonment). The program can be found here.



PB to chair IRO decommissioning seminar on 22 April

2 April 2010 - Jan Groot will be chairman of the IRO decommissioning event, 22 April 2010. Speakers will be Bryan Nixon (Decom North Sea Ltd.), Guido Ammerlaan (HMC) and Andre Steenhuis (Allseas). The venue is Mövenpick Hotel Voorburg, Stationsplein 8 2275 AZ Voorburg. The programme starts at 14:30 with registration and coffee.



PB to execute cost study

29 March 2010 - PB have been assigned to execute a decommissioning cost study for 4 platforms in the UK. The study will take appr. 2 months and will entail both topsides and jackets.



Lessons learned workshop

17 March 2010 - We were happy to share our experience in platform removal with a offshore contractor today. The presentations included topsides and jacket removal and do's and dont's in subsea cutting tools. Interested? Contact Thor Sterker for a similar share in experience.



Rig inspection on Norwegian Platform

16-Mar-2010 - We have just returned form a Norwegian Platform, to inspect a 12 year old drilling rig. As the rig is in excellent condition, we have advised the owner to market the rig in the Far East, through PlatformBrokers.



The 10th NPF North Sea Decommissioning Conference

1 Feb 2010 - PB Consultants will be present during the 'Bergen Conference', 16/17 Feb 2010.

PBC has been a member of the Organizing Committee.

Otto van Voorst will give a presentation 'Cost drivers for platform decommissioning'.

More information on the NPF conference website.



Project Management for tanker 'Africa' conversion

11 Dec 2009 - PB Consultants have been granted a contract for the provision of management services for the conversion of the tanker 'Africa' to FSO, presently at Drydocks World - Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The contract is fixed for 3 months at site.



PB Consultants pre-qualifies for Montara platform removal

Nov 2009 - PB Consultants have pre-qualified with a consortium for the removal and salvage of the Montara platform. The scope consists of removal of drill derrick and platform topsides and salvage of the jack-up drill rig West Atlas.

The consortium consist of a Malaysian engineering company, a Malaysian construction/accommodation ship owner, a Dutch demolition company and a Norwegian cutting specialist.

Contact Thor Sterker for more information: tst@platformbrokers.com

More information on the platform situation can be found on http://www.flickr.com/photos/skytruth/sets/72157622226354812/



Platform Brokers Consultants in the Far East

24 Nov 2009 - The North Sea may contain more than 400 fixed platforms, the Far east market has more than 4,000 fixed platforms to be removed. Platform Brokers organised a tour through the major decommissioning contractors in Europe for Malaysia Oil Companies. Several decommissioning workshops were organised in KL and Singapore.

Contact Thor Sterker for more information: tst@platformbrokers.com


Pre-qualified for Submarine Power Cable between Malta & Italy

19 Sep 2009 - PB Consultants have pre-qualified with a consortium for the design, procurement and installation of a Submarine Power Cable between Malta & Italy. The consortium includes a Dutch diving company, a Korean cable fabricator and a Dutch engineering company


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